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Ellie Propert- Director


Ellie Propert grew up on a small homestead in Middle Tennessee, developing a deep love for stewarding God’s creation through the practices of regenerative farming and agriculture. 

Ellie is a classically trained pianist, violinist, and vocalist. After a brief stint exploring the Christian and Classical music industries, Ellie discovered that her true passion was for teaching music. She currently teaches piano, violin, and voice to students of all ages.

Ellie is trained in Krav Maga has taught self-defense to both children and adults, spending several years directing the children’s program for a martial arts school. Her students have ranged from preschoolers learning the core skills of balance and coordination to police officers wanting to hone their close-combat skills- and everything in between.

Her vision is to provide the opportunity for people from all walks of life to learn and explore the meaning of stewardship through hands-on experiences with the natural world. She hopes to share the principles that kindled the spark for her to pursue a lifestyle where it’s more than okay to “get in there and get your hands dirty.”

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