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What days are classes?

School days for our fall semester go from 9am-2pm. We have a one-day option (choose either Monday OR Wednesday) or a two-day option (Mon and Wed). The 2023 semester begins September 4th and ends December 13th.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer a family rate as follows: full-price for the first student, all students after that receive 25% off tuition. This applies only to semesters and does not apply to the registration and supply fee.

What curriculum do you use?

Our school uses KONOS as a base curriculum for our lesson plans. Our lessons are merged with and adapted to the changes of the seasons and includes Biblical concepts and stories that compliment and reinforce the lessons we learn in our studies. 

What about weather?

School is conducted outside most of the time. Our philosophy is to dress for the weather. However, our teachers use their best judgement as to whether or not it is safe to be outside. We offer indoor facilities such as our main event barn, dining room, kitchen, and restrooms. We also have several covered patios that offer shelter from the elements.

What worldview do you teach science classes from?

Our entire school bases our curriculum on biblical principles and foundations. We teach everything from the perspective of God as creator, with the basis that the earth was created a relatively short time ago (around 6,000 years). 

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