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T'Anna Cason- Lead Teacher

T'Anna CC photo.jpeg

My name is T’Anna Cason. I am a Tennessee native, with an infinite love for God, and all his creation. In 2020, my husband and I decided to uproot our family from the city life and transplant ourselves out in the country, with hopes of returning to our roots and implementing a more self-sustaining lifestyle. Though we were unsure of what that was going to look like at the time, we trusted in God to make a way. After a year of looking, we found our little slice of heaven here in McEwen, TN. Together, my husband and I care for our two young children, dog, two cats, two chickens, worm farm, and growing garden.

Having felt somewhat underserved by the traditional school system, we decided to play a direct role in our children’s education. That path led us to Cactus Creek, and we are grateful to God for that. I look forward to working with your children and harnessing the gifts they have been blessed with.

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